[sword-devel] ISO progress

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 08 Apr 2000 03:21:02 -0700

Well, the directories are created and there have been some cleanups.

Could I get some help with the following:

	o Fonts /etc :  I know some of you have had luck getting translations--
		especial non-english-- working on linux and/or windows
		and I would love to include any FREE fonts that you used
		to get things working.

	o README / HOWTO directory!  Any volunteers? Things like HOWTO-Czech
		would be really appreciated.

	o Bibletime: anyone from the bibletime list with a CD that installs...
		Would it be possible to replace the /bibletimebase.tar.gz file
		with the latest stuff that you want to release and test an
		install?  Then update the file on CrossWire's site (or email me
		if you don't have access.  Also, there are a few directories that
		need populated with the lastest stuff: PACKAGES, SOURCE.

	o PACKAGES:  Not sure what is the state of our packages, but when we
		1.4.7 late saturday we'll need packages pretty quick.  Also there is
		a BETA directory with SOURCE and PACKAGES that needs to be filled.
		I'll get the swordlibs into those as soon as possible.

	o DISTRO FEEDBACK:  I am not going to have time to test this myself on
		of the linux distros.  If you have installed from the ISO, could you
		please send us as much feedback as you can, including things like:
			Distro name - version
			Did setup run in GUI / gtk mode or text mode?
			Did InstallMgr run and work?
			Did icons install and work?
			Did any of the software work or not work?
			Did you have to login as root or merely su -?

Thanks tons for all your help.  Let's make this a great milestone to

	In God's Wonderful Grace,

PS.  I've been looking for a new place to live lately.  My paying job is
moving to the east valley and I would like to move closer to work.  If
you think about it, please pray for a great blessing... That I would be
responsible, financially, and for a great deal; that it would be a
blessed place of fellowship and ministry.  Thanks!  (Oh, and if any of
you would like to move to AZ and need a room to rent...) :)