[sword-devel] Final call for ISO updates

Brook humphrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 05 Apr 2000 12:32:50 -0700

Just tried The iso out for the first time and the installer for linux
works great however on linux Mandrake there are some linking
problems(libjpeg.so.6 mandrake comes with 6.2 I think) and bibletime
segfaults. right after loading the modules but before the display comes

"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>         The time has come to finally put a deadline in place for the ISO burn.
>         o I'm finishing up a 1.4.7 release that includes bugfixes, a new
>                 search bounds utility in the WIN32 frontend, and Jerry
>                 Hastings' new help files.
>         o I'm pulling bibletime 0.23 from the bibletime site and using it
>                 for the installer for KDE.
>         o I will sync the modules back to the repository on the website,
>                 as Chris may have done some updates since the last sync.
>         o I'd also like to include the latest Diatheke code.
>         o I will create directories like BETA, SOURCE, PACKAGES on the ISO.
>                 After adding these directories, would it be possible to get
>                 each of you responsible for your projects to populate them
>                 appropriately?  I'll do SWORD libs and you can follow suite
>                 from there.
>         o Thank you for all the recommendations on the CD image.  I have
>                 applied many of them, and will do more in the next few
>                 days.
> Let's set the date for midnight 4/8/2000, this Saturday, with last
> minute bugfixes available till 4/10/2000 Monday morning.
>         Let me know if this is unreasonable or if there is something that you
> 'just have to have on the CD and need a little more time to finish'. :)