[sword-devel] [Fwd: OLB conversions or how may I help?]

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Wed, 22 Dec 1999 22:26:43 -0700

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Subject: OLB conversions or how may I help?
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I'm ready to try my hand at converting OLB texts.  I have all the English
ones downloaded (I think) and am willing to try some others if help is
needed there (assuming conversions can be done without understanding the
language).  Not being a programmer type person, I figured this is all I
would be good for. :-)  If there are other items you feel I might help with
let me know.  My time available is variable, but usually quite flexible.  I
have donloaded all the Sword projects English modules and definitely prefer
it's interface over OLB.  However it would be nice to have all of OLBs
modules and helps.  I would need to know how to get the olb2sword.exe and
whatever else I needed for this project.  I will soon have my linux system
going if that might open up further opportunities.

In His service,

David Earle
dearle@pullman.com  (new address)