[sword-devel] How to contact OnlineBible Team?

Daniel Blake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 09:58:08 -0500

Try 76614.1275@compuserve.com.  This is the email address is for Ken Martin.
About 2 years ago I asked if I could get the code for the win 3.1 version of
OLB that they were going to stop supporting.  Needless to say that didn't
happen, but I do have this email address for you to try.  I hope it help.

Daniel Blake

> Hello?
> I want to contact the team of OnlineBible concerning the permittance to
use and convert their
> german lex/comm modules, but I encountered the first difficulties when
trying to send my message:
> -OnlineBible's contact form on their web page
> http://www.onlinebible.org/html/uk/contactus/index.tpl?cart=94573264712531
is unusable to me,
> probaby generally buggy.
> -I got no answer to my message to the online bible's user discussion group
regarding this problem.
> I sent this message several day's ago. So I contacted the Webmaster of
online bible's pages
> regarding the problem of the buggy contact form.
> -There was no email address on online bible's web page to send my
©question to.
> THEREFORE: Perhaps one of you has already contacted the team of online
bible and could give me the
> right email address to do likewise?
> Thankx && in Christ ...
> --Matthias