[sword-devel] Douai Version & Apocrypha

Matthias Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 23:08:21 +0100

On Son, 19 Dez 1999, you wrote:
>Adding Apocrypha support to SWORD would be a nice step.  I tried a while
>back but something or other failed and it never worke correctly.  I did
>include Apocrypha files for a number of translations I did modules for, but
>probably not the Douay-Rheims or RSV, and I know not the KJV.  I would also
>like to be able to add support for other extra-biblical texts of the
>biblical genre--books like the books of Enoch, Jubilees, other
>pseudepigrapha, apocryphal NT literature, etc.--which are so important in
>certain fields of historical and scholastic study.  This could even be part
>of the basis for adding general book support if we desired to go that route
>(meaning we could store and retrieve data from regular books, not of
>bible/commentary/LD types).
>--Chris Little

IMHO, general book support to SWORD is a great idea. I am myself interested in this feature in
the long run, for I will try to spread some Christian book (including, as SWORD does at the moment,
to bibles, commentaries, lexicons, but not limited to these). I would be glad to be able to do this
within the SWORD project.

Some suggestions of mine on how to implement the book support, although not yet topical:
1. Of course the user must take advantage from using Christian books within SWORD and not in a
normal reader, if this feature should be useful. This could be done by implementing a verse-link
capability: fast lookup of verses of which only the position without the text is cited in a book,
or lookup of verses in a different translation.
2. What do you mean by »regular books«? Using books in normal ebook-formats (pdf, ps, ... ?)
without special »theological cpabilities« won't give any advantage in comparance with reading the
books in normal ebook-vierwers, will it?
3. A catchword / topical register of all Christian ebooks used in a particular SWORD installation
would do well, too: one could easily find the books and chapters that contain desired stuff or
information, probably more easily than by a full text search capability.

Just my 2c. In Christ.