[sword-devel] some problems I found

DeMeulenaere, Darren sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 07:51:31 -0800

Don't know if these have been reported yet, so if they have ignore.

While working Sword Project for windows, v. 1.4.6, under Eastons Dictionary,
where you type in the word or person you are looking for, the timing is very
slow, I am able to type the whole word before it even shows up.  Also if I
delete it or backspace, you just see the cursor move over the letters, and
then after a second the letters disappear.  This happens in all the
dictionaries that take advantage of the lookup option.

Also under the same version there are no Options that come up on my version.
I believe I have a good clean copy of the sword v. 1.4.6.