[sword-devel] Download Page

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 15:35:00 -0700

I have found a threading issue with the download page code.  Anyone
wishing to check this code out of CVS and look at some of these ugly
hacks can do so:

cvs checkout jsword

I haven't found the bug, but if I delete a corrupt file and try to
download (forcing the code to rebuild the zip), I can get a good
package.  I've been going thru them last night and this morning.  Hope
to have things 'working' for all modules soon.  Anyone else that has
direct access to the server can delete a corrupt file from
/home/ftp/pub/sword/modules/[raw|win] and force the package to rebuild.

	Sorry for the problem, hoping to look at the code and 'fix' the issue


William Palumbo wrote:
> There are actually a number of files available for download that will not
> unzip.  I can download the complete file, and look at the header with a hex
> editor to verify that it has a PKzip header, however, the files give a range
> of differant error messages from 'not a valid zip' to 'divide by zero' when
> I try to view it. Files that gave me these errors were NAU.zip, NKJV.zip and
> WEB.zip.
> Looks as if we need someone to go down the list of available files and
> verify that each one is (or is not) valid.   This would probably be fastest
> with someone who had direct access to the server (Troy) or someone who has
> high bandwidth access, otherwise you'd have to download each and every file
> and verify it.
> Regards,
> William
> Darren DeMeulenaere wrote:
> > I have had two .zip files that I have downloaded that had 0 in the data
> > file.  I sent emails on them as it happened, one was WEB text, but I
> > don't remember the other.
> >
> > Darren
> >
> > I will look up my sent messages to see if I can find the other text.
> >
> > "Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:
> > >
> > > It seems that there have been many complaints about the generated .zip
> > > files on the download page not working properly.  Can anyone confirm
> > > some of these complaints and post what versions of zip utilities work
> > > and don't work, and with what modules.  Thanks.
> > >
> > >         -Troy.