[sword-devel] A chance to support smaller language groups

Joel Mawhorter sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 13:07:54 -0800


Wow, this is a great opportunity to help get God's word to people! Thanks for
sharing this with the list. I'm guessing that most of these texts are for
people groups that wouldn't benifit from a SWORD module but it wouldn't hurt to
keep our eyes open for that possibility.


On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, you wrote:
> If you would like to help in scanning and/or keyboarding Bibles in various 
> languages, and can commit to accurately typing 2-3 chapters of the Bible 
> per month in a language you probably don't know, please contact David 
> Landin (WA)
> <wa-uk@iname.com> and tell him you are responding to the Wycliffe 
> Associates article asking for help, and would like to offer your services.
> I did that, and yesterday I got a copy of an old typeset version of 1 
> Thessalonians 3 in the Hausa language to type in "standard format." They 
> sent me instructions on how to type the text (plain ASCII text with some 
> tags starting with \ in column 1, and character pairs like "=a" for a with 
> a macron accent above it, etc.).
> What better way to establish a good reputation with Bible societies and 
> translators (and therefore be of greater influence) than to help them in 
> their work?
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> Michael Paul Johnson
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