[sword-devel] thml widget ?

Birger Langkjer sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 05:13:40 +0100


I've found some errors in the danish bible module and fixed them, they were mostly errors from scanning and I have a copy of the original, so it's alright. However the verses are no longer right, so I figured I must rebuild the *.vvs file or modify the original file that the sword module was build from. Do you know how I can do this? I want to help out with this, especially since I want to use it myself ;-)

I tried asking Troi and on the list but I didn't get an answer yet.

Den lÝr, 04 dec 1999 23:15:38 Chris Little skrev:
> > Is there somewhere already a widget for displaying thml ?
> No.  I've got ThML to HTML SWORD filters working, you'll still need to add
> support for them in BT.  The ThML to HTML conversion is fairly accurate, but
> you may wish to make a descendant of the HTML widget you're using if you
> want to take advantage of some of ThML's more specialized tags.  It's not
> really necessary though since the text renders to HTML fine.  An example of
> the output to HTML from a ThML module is
> http://bible.gotjesus.org/cgi-bin/diatheke.pl?verse=gen1%3A1&Scofield=on but
> unfortunately this doesn't use any features except for the bold/italic
> markup we were using before with GBF.
> Various factors like the term paper I have to write and my having a cold
> permitting, I should be finished with the ThML filters on Monday.
> > Will thml be used in SWORD? (modules ...)
> Yes.  Scofield in English is already in ThML format and ready to post as
> soon as I get the filters released.  Scofield in German, Matthew Henry's
> Commentary in English and a few others should be ready soon.  After that I'm
> going to start converting GBF commentaries and LDs into ThML since there are
> also problems regarding the lack of carriage return characters at the ends
> of lines.
> --Chris Little

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards
Birger Langkjer