[sword-devel] Copyright Scripture distribution

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 02:16:08 -0800

> You may have hit on something here! Sword can use the JFB on the web. It
> may be able to do something like that for copyrighted texts. It may not be
> safe to display copyrighted text from another site while making it look
> like part of Sword. But clicking on a tab for say NIV could bring up a web
> site in a browser keyed to the Sword current verse. I think that should be
> safe as long as the web pages are displayed the way they were meant to be
> displayed. Likewise, if something is allowed to be downloaded from a site
> on the web it should be alright to automate that, to a point, as long as
> all the related web pages are viewed and are displayed as they should be.

But the JFB is very annoying to use for that reason precisely. :)  You can't
search hrefcom modules either and they can be somewhat unweildy to display.

I think this really amount to a skirting of the law anyway and requires that
people be connected to the internet in order to use these modules.  I like
the idea of being able to roam with my laptop without needing a connection.
(With the case of JFB, yes, you could d/l the whole text from ccel and
change the root to a local address, but since gospelcom uses cgis to display
verses that wouldn't be a possibility.)

> This is probably just a fix for things not in Sword until they can be

It might be worth doing though, with that in mind.

--Chris Little