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> Not necessarily. There are and have been thousands of cults which prove
> man is allowed certain sovereign freewill to disobey as he chooses with
> penalty until the end of days! Life is a sifting process which waits for
the harvest.
> UNTIL THEN... the bugs live!
> ALL translations are inherantly flawed since the ancient languages
carrieds nuances
> which modern ones lack. Yet, despite this... and despite the fact that one
can only
> truly understand the subtleties in the original languages... translations
> Never uplift a translations to the status of the autogrypha!
> Just appreciate them for what they are; and be thankful...
> Yeshiah

Point: your observation is true about the subtleties of language.  However I
am confident, as I said, that GOD's Holy Spirit is true to His promise to
protect His Word where His Spirit-filled devout are concerned.  Only by
allowing the Holy Spirit to move through us as we study, pray and live our
lives are we certain not to be deceived in anything concerning His Word.  I
had addressed someone once on another board who's sole purpose in life
seemed to be to bash anyone that read ANY translation other than King James
and declare with full authority that these people were part of the Great
Deception and essentially hellbound.  He had composed a mythical (this was
admitted up front to be fictional based on the claim "I know how these
people think.") discussion between him<her?>self and a "modern-version
proponent".  This "discussion" was completely biased.  The "modern-version
proponent" was rude and off-base in their attack on the antiquity of KJV.
Every other KJV defense the writer used was merely to fall back on GOD's
promise to protect the sanctity of His Word.  However this same defense was
useless on the writer's attacks on every other bible translation available.
Apparently in this person's mind GOD's promise to protect His Word expired
after the King James was written.  I was so appalled that I had to write.
Comments like this person made only served to sow disharmony and disunity in
the Body of Christ.  I simply told them that if they were so concerned about
the validity of GOD's Word being corrupted they should learn Hebrew, Greek,
Aramaic and Latin (for the Vulgate) and then decide after reading original
That is I am happy to say one of the things GOD has slowly been working in
my life is a priming for learning these languages.  I'm sure it'll take
awhile... but I'll get wherever He needs me to be.
Again though the point I was trying to make is that translations that are
not true to the guidance of the Holy Spirit only stay in churches that are
without the Holy Spirit (i.e.: JW, Mormon).  GOD inspires these translation
that His Word may be read by all the world. If the only valid Translations
were Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic we'd all be doomed considering that those of
us that cannot read these languages would have no way to read or understand
thew Will of GOD.  And quite frankly, if those original languages are the
only valid forms of GOD's Word then I'm just going to accept myself as lost,
go out and party.  :)

GOD's blessings, guidance and protection.

In Christ Jesus,

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