[osis-core] <chapter> needs to be a child of <p> (and probably other elements.

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Chris Little wrote:

>There's an unpleasant case at the border between chapters 12 & 13 of
>Revelation.  Older verstifications (e.g. KJV, NIV, NKJV?) end ch 12 with
>verse 17.  If this is the case and the edition divides into 
>paragraphs/sections, then chapter 13 begins immediately before the end of 
>the final paragraph/section of chapter 12.  Rev 13:1 is actually half in 
>one paragraph/section and half in another.
Not sure how you can tell that a paragraph is divided? I looked at the 
Logos version of the NRSV and it has a paragraph that starts with Rev. 
12:18, has a large 13 (I assume indicating the "new chapter.") and then 
continues the paragraph to 13:4. I did not load the older English 
translations off the CD onto my laptop, but looking at this one 
translation, it looks like the "other" paragraph is entirely in Chapter 
13? (Or is this an artifact of the translation? It does have the 12:18 
you mention.) But in that case, isn't it splitting a verse and not a 

If it is the last case, I really don't see a reason to let chapter split 
a verse. Hmmm, ugly case that would require you to either milestone the 
verse or the chapter. So what do transalations that end with 12:17 do 
with the portion that is now 12:18? Just start off Chapter 13 with no 
verse text? Not sure how that would look.

Hope you are having a great day!


>Newer versifications add a Rev 12:18 and put half of the old Rev 13:1 into 
>that verse so that the chapter/section/paragraph/verse hierarchy doesn't 
>have any overlap.
>On Fri, 30 May 2003, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>>Not sure what you and Troy mean by "because chapters start in the middle 
>>of paragraphs..."
>>We added chapter as the equivalent of <div> so people could have 
>>book/chapter/verse semantics.
>>Can you point out a case where a chapter starts in a paragraph? 
>>Understand that in a different textual tradition that might happen but 
>>in a single text?
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