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Todd Tillinghast osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Fri, 30 May 2003 11:09:30 -0600


I think it would be nice to define as "canonical" at least one pair or
values (morning/evening, AM/PM, etc...).  If I had to pick only one I
would probably go with AM/PM (01.01.AM and 01.01.PM) and make
(01.01!Morning/01.01!Evening and 01.01!Sunrise/01.01!Sunset) local
extensions.  The idea being to encourage consistency.  

Naturally it would be possible for anyone to use 01.01!Matins but I
think they might be more of a special case.

Question: How should we identify this "reference system" we are
constructing?  In the following example of what seems like a good idea
to me, with the "reference system" being "Calendar"

<osisText osisWorkID="SpurgenMorningAndEvening" osisWorkRef="bible">
	<work workID="SpurgenMorningAndEvening">
		<title>Morning and Evening</title>
		<author>Charles Spurgeon</author>
	<work workID="bible">
		<div type="dailyReading" osisID="01.01.AM">
			<reference osisRef="Gen.1.1"/>

Is the above structure consistent with what everyone is thinking?

It would seem that there should be a difference between a generic day of
the year (01.01) and specific dates (2003.5.30)


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> On Wed, 28 May 2003, Todd Tillinghast wrote:
> > > Vigils, Matins, Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, & Compline are
> > > medieval prayer times.  Lauds/Vespers would probably be more
> > > for both Sunrise/Sunset and AM/PM, but since no one knows those,
> > > not recommending them.
> >
> > What would this look like?  (01.01.Sunrise and 01.01.Sunset)?
> I guess that sounds semi-reasonable.  At least I haven't thought of
> anything that seems better if we want to suggest all these times as
> possibilities.
> Maybe these non-canonical dates ought to be expressed like
> (And what about leap day?  That's clearly an apocryphal date.  Sorry,
> was too obvious to pass up.)
> Considering that Sunrise is the median point of the AM span and Sunset
> the median point of the PM span, maybe we should just merge these into
> more general "Morning" & "Evening" and not specify whether it
> point or span.  If you need to be accurate, use a time.
> --Chris
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