[osis-core] Since we may be releasing osisCore.1.1.2.xsd should we consider making the schema extensable.

Patrick Durusau osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Tue, 13 May 2003 18:58:47 -0400


Were you trying to extend the core elements? You could extend the 
present one to add new elements.

Not really changing the "behavior" of the schema but extending its 
content models?

Hmmm, let's think about that, agree it would not change the validity of 
current documents.

Actually would like to do an RELAX-NG version at some point. Was not in 
good enough shape when we started on OSIS but suspect it is now. 
(Caution, part of that may be due to my ISO affliation. You have been 
warned. ;-)

Hope you are having a great day!


Todd Tillinghast wrote:

>When I tried to create a schema that extends from osisCore.1.1.1.xsd, I
>was unable to because almost all of the Simple and Complex types are
>created "inline".  If we were to create the Simple and Complex types
>used in the schema as named types then we could extend the schema.  
>None of this could change the meaning or behavior of the schema, but
>would leave room for opportunities in the future to provide new
>specialized behavior while leaving the core schema unchanged.  
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