[osis-core] Question on footnote at Ruth.4.14,15

Todd Tillinghast osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Thu, 8 May 2003 18:38:53 -0600

Patrick and anyone with a suggestion,

I am looking at the footnote at Ruth.4.14,15 in the CEV.

There are two issues present:
1) Inside the <catchWord> of the footnote is the need to put the
following text <catchWord>We pray that...famous...15He will</catchWord>
the trouble is that the 15 is the superscripted verse identifier.  I
believe that we could use (but am not sure) <rdg> except for the fact
that <rdg> can not be a child of <catchWord>

2) The <rdg> element (assuming I understand the purpose of the <rdg>
element) can be used for the portion "We pray that the LORD will be
praised everywhere in Israel.  15Your grandson will." Could be encoded
as follows.

<note type='translation' n='4.14,15' osisRef='Ruth.4.14-Ruth.4.15'
osisID='Ruth.4.14.note.n'><catchWord> We pray that...famous...15He
will</catchWord> : <rdg><verse osisID="Ruth.4.14" type="reading">We pray
that the LORD will be praised everywhere in Israel.</verse><verse
osisID="Ruth.4.15" type="reading">Your grandson

The above example does not address issue #1 though.

Any help would be appreciated.