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Todd Tillinghast osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 17:10:38 -0600


> Todd Tillinghast wrote:
> > Chris,
> >
> > Can you explain what you mean by 'illuminated letters'?  (I have a
> > mental image of electronically back lit letters, which I suspect is
> > what you mean.)
> >
> > Can you scan an example?
> See http://prodigi.bl.uk/GutBible/midgl2/191.jpg .  The big L is an
> illuminated letter, albeit a fairly boring one.
> > It would seem that we should encode some non-presentation related
> > semantics.  'Emphasis' with a variety of types (like 'strong',
> > etc...) might be appropriate.
> I don't think anyone ever writes in a way that they would wish to
> weak emphasis that could be tagged.  <hi> was designed for emphasis
> indeterminate semantics.  If we wish to encode this, we might as well
> supply a few standard types so that everyone speaks the same language.

Agreed on the 'weak'.  

Are you are saying that <hi> is presentation independent?

> > Aren't drop caps are usually a purely presentation related thing and
> > don't need to be encoded.
> See the above image for an example drop cap (the C in the right
>   In encoding manuscripts, I think we should have the ability to
> identify these as special.  But maybe this is considered too far
> from our current mission.

Is there a reason that they choose the large L and the drop cap C where
they did.  Like the start of a 'section', paragraph, etc...

Do they start every page with an illuminated letter?

Is your intent to preserve the formatting in the original rendering (in
the same sense that we preserve the point where the column and page
break was) OR is that you believe that the illuminated letter contains
part of the 'meaning' intended by the author and by leaving out the fact
that an illuminated letter was present would leave out part of the
'meaning'? (or both)

On the second I am wondering if the illuminated signals the start of
something and that the meaning might be preserved in some other way.


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