[osis-core] Experimental version (note X in name)

Troy A. Griffitts osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 15:44:40 -0700

> I'll get all of them conformed to 1.1.1 later today.  (I have school till
> noon, Korean from 1-3, and a while working on a Korean phonology paper
> after that, but I can probably get them fixed by 6p central.)

Great!  I wasn't sure how busy you were, but wanted to get some of the 
cool stuff you'd done on the CD for the conference.

> Were the changes you made anything beyond validation corrections for the 
> new schema or did you find mistakes in other stuff (or have suggestions).

Just very simple validation changes.  Only thing besides that was 
removed the \n in //work/title because my mkhtml script needed it on the 
same line :)  I left the multiple <title> elements in your TR cuz that 
still worked with my mkhtml script :)  but I think Patrick and others 
might have suggested against splitting it this way.