[osis-core] special milestone element deletion

Troy A. Griffitts osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 15:16:09 -0700

After trying to encode a text, I strongly feel that having a single 
element to be used for all milestone-type tagging is the wrong solution.


Were do you expect one to place all attributes usually associated with a 
tag?  I've been 'hacking' them all into subtype as a '|' delimited list. 
  This can't be the best way to recommend to our users to encode these 

I don't feel forcing a special element just because a textual situation 
requires the anomaly of 'milestone'-type markup, because of XML rules, 
is the proper solution.

A <q> is still a quote and the <q> tag has been specialized to contain 
all the data for a quote.

forcing all that data into something like:

<milestone_Start type="q" subType="type:block|speaker:John|level:2" />

just doesn't seem to make sense.