[Ichthux-devel] Learning Packaging

Siju George sgeorge.ml at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 21:56:36 MST 2006

On 12/25/06, Rich Johnson <rich.johnson at ichthux.com> wrote:
> Ichthux packaging is pretty much Kubuntu packaging which eventually leads to
> its roots of Debian packaging. I hope that didn't confuse you, as it almost
> confused me :)

Thankyou so much for the reply Rich :-)
Nope it did not confuse me.

I make my living by installing/maintaining BSD/Linux/OS x/Windows Systems.
But I do not know any bit of C or programming.
I have written a few shell scripts thats it :-(

the closest i have come to packaging is when I used
to make a package for one of my clients :-)

I have no formal learning in these but picked things up by the grace of God.
I use OpenBSD as my Desktop both at work and home but I am typing this
from a Debian System. So I am not a completely newbie now :-)

of course I was a little confused about almost everything 6 years back
when I came to the computer science field :-)

> Anyways, there are a couple of great documents to help teach you packaging.
>    HTML:  https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html
>    PDF:  https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/pdf/ubuntu/C/packagingguide.pdf
>    http://www.debian.com/doc/devel-manuals#maint-guide

Thankyou so much :-)
I will go through them and learn about packaging.
Could you please give me a list of softwares for which packaging should be done?
I could start with one of the small and simple ones as i learn from
the docs above :-)

> The Ubuntu Packaging Guide was created and is maintained by our very own
> Jordan Mantha (LaserJock). Hopefully if he is around he will hop in here and
> provide you with some more information if possible.

it is so very  nice to see that the Lord's people are every where :-)

> Thanks for the interest and wanting to contribute to this wonderful cause. I
> hope this reaches you in good health and I hope that you are feeling better.
> Here is wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas.

I had subscribed to this list some time back.
It was there in my heart to contribute in some way to this even though
I don't use Linux as my desktop.
So I think I will start in a small by the grace of God and see how he leads :-)
I am on a lot of medicines. mostly because of my undisciplined
previous eating habbits.
3 months i'll have to stay at home and work from there.
So I 'll get some free time which I can use to help christians.

thankyou so much again :-)

its great to be with you wonderful people and thankyou so much for the
oppourtuniy to contribute to the lord's cause :-)

luv and prayers


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