[bt-devel] Ubuntu Touch App

Gary Holmlund gary.holmlund at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 10:33:44 MST 2013

On 10/14/2013 5:03 PM, israel dahl wrote:
> Hi everyone, we are still working on the Ubuntu Touch app, and have 
> made some progress, but the development has been delayed a bit (as can 
> happen in small open source projects).  I had a few questions, so I 
> thought I'd ask here.
> Is there a central repository for Audio Bibles?  If not (I should 
> probably ask this on the SWORD list) is there any plans to do so?  
> Also is there any backend for using Audio Bibles. I haven't made it 
> through all the code from Gary's branch yet, so I figured I should 
> just ask, and maybe you could point me to the header(s)/cpp files to 
> look at.  You have a lot of really good code, and a majority of it is 
> very useful for us, however I don't think it will work to simply add 
> another frontend.  At this point I think we are going to cherry pick 
> some things from your code (giving credit to the wonderful BT 
> development team), and leave out large amounts of what is available in 
> the source.  I hope this decision is ok with all of you (since it is 
> open GPL'd software I'd assume that was your intent), but we really 
> want to tailor the program to that specific platform, and integrate it 
> heavily to Ubuntu (Touch and desktop OS).  If we come up with any 
> really ingenious ways of doing some of the things we need we will 
> hopefully be able to commit back to your project as well, especially 
> with the audio portions and some other mobile related things... though 
> a lot of this will be Ubuntu API specific.  We are working towards 
> including a 'sharing' feature to integrate with text messaging as well 
> as social media API's  since Ubuntu SDK is still in development, it is 
> still unclear whether this will be included in a central messaging 
> API, or if each social media outlet will need to be coded in.
> In any case thank you all for your incredible efforts and may the Lord 
> Jesus Christ continue blessing you all!!

BibleTime does not have any audio features. The audio repository 
question should be asked on the sword list. I am not aware that they 
have any audio content.

Blessings to you.


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