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israel dahl israeldahl at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 17:03:15 MST 2013

Hi everyone, we are still working on the Ubuntu Touch app, and have made
some progress, but the development has been delayed a bit (as can happen in
small open source projects).  I had a few questions, so I thought I'd ask
Is there a central repository for Audio Bibles?  If not (I should probably
ask this on the SWORD list) is there any plans to do so?  Also is there any
backend for using Audio Bibles.  I haven't made it through all the code
from Gary's branch yet, so I figured I should just ask, and maybe you could
point me to the header(s)/cpp files to look at.  You have a lot of really
good code, and a majority of it is very useful for us, however I don't
think it will work to simply add another frontend.  At this point I think
we are going to cherry pick some things from your code (giving credit to
the wonderful BT development team), and leave out large amounts of what is
available in the source.  I hope this decision is ok with all of you (since
it is open GPL'd software I'd assume that was your intent), but we really
want to tailor the program to that specific platform, and integrate it
heavily to Ubuntu (Touch and desktop OS).  If we come up with any really
ingenious ways of doing some of the things we need we will hopefully be
able to commit back to your project as well, especially with the audio
portions and some other mobile related things... though a lot of this will
be Ubuntu API specific.  We are working towards including a 'sharing'
feature to integrate with text messaging as well as social media API's
since Ubuntu SDK is still in development, it is still unclear whether this
will be included in a central messaging API, or if each social media outlet
will need to be coded in.
In any case thank you all for your incredible efforts and may the Lord
Jesus Christ continue blessing you all!!
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