[bt-devel] Crash in Bookshelf Manager with Xiphos module

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Tue Jan 18 00:34:38 MST 2011

Gary, should we release a 2.8.1?

Regards, mg

Am 18.01.11 03:12, schrieb Gary Holmlund:
> This bug is quite serious. It is triggered not by the modules that you
> have downloaded, but by the modules available from the Xiphos
> repository. This bug has been in Bt since 2007 or earlier. It was
> triggered by the addition of the Romanian daily devotional
> "CitireÎntr-unAn" to the Xiphos repository on December 18th.
> If you open the Bookshelf manager, switch to xiphos and refresh it, Bt
> will crash.  The next time you open the Bookshelf manager it will
> immediately crash without you doing anything because it remembers the
> Xiphos repository as the current repository.
> Gary
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