[bt-devel] Crash in Bookshelf Manager with Xiphos module

Gary Holmlund gary.holmlund at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 19:12:36 MST 2011

This bug is quite serious. It is triggered not by the modules that you 
have downloaded, but by the modules available from the Xiphos 
repository. This bug has been in Bt since 2007 or earlier. It was 
triggered by the addition of the Romanian daily devotional 
"CitireÎntr-unAn" to the Xiphos repository on December 18th.

If you open the Bookshelf manager, switch to xiphos and refresh it, Bt 
will crash.  The next time you open the Bookshelf manager it will 
immediately crash without you doing anything because it remembers the 
Xiphos repository as the current repository.


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