[bt-devel] Bibletime 2.9.1-1 crash at startup

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 27 03:14:59 MST 2011

On 26/12/11 19:00, Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> Can you point it to a different (empty) directory on the external 
> drive without problems? If you can, you can then add modules to that 
> new location until the problem returns, and so (hopefully) eventually 
> narrow down exactly which of the 140+ modules is causing the issue.
In progress.  Will report back as and when I get a result that helps.  
So far, no problems while the new sword directory is empty.

There is another 'bug', longstanding.  Maybe not of importance.  
BibleTime cannot handle modules with 'linked' verses.  There may be none 
in the Crosswire repos, but I have a JB Phillips New Testament that I 
made; JBP has many blocks of verses shown as a block together, and Chris 
Little told me years ago that the proper way to handle them is to link 
them.  BibleTime displays the entire linked block for every verse in 
that block.  The solution to this is goes into the front-end, not the 

I put code into SwordReader to work around this, and I think I may have 
helped with the workaround in Xiphos.  It will take me a while to find 
out how I did it, but I will have the source backed up somewhere.  I 
wonder if anyone here is interested in fixing this one?

God bless,        Barry.

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