[bt-devel] Help with program crashing

Randy Lutzinger rlutzinger at comcast.net
Mon Mar 22 15:27:42 MST 2010


I just reinstalled BibleTime 2.6-1 on my Arch Linux installation and I'm 
having some troubles trying to install books through the Bookshelf manager. 
Whenever I click on the "Refresh" icon in the "Install/update" section the 
program will close. 

I get the progress bar telling me that it's refreshing but once it gets to 
100%, it closes. If I run BibleTime from the command prompt the only thing it 
tells me is that there's a segmentation fault.

Could anyone provide me with some ideas on how to fix this or help with 
troubleshooting it? I had this program installed before and I didn't have any 
issues with it so I'm assuming it must be a program that BibleTime depends on 
that's not playing nicely with BibleTime.


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