[bt-devel] Qt versions and Hardy Backport of Bibletime 2.0

Gary Holmlund gary.holmlund at gmail.com
Sat May 30 15:00:09 MST 2009

Gary Holmlund wrote:
> Jonathan Marsden wrote:
>> John A. Sullivan III wrote:
>>> I'm still using Hardy and all my company end users are using Hardy.  We
>>> don't plan to move until the next LTS release.  Thanks - John
>> OK.  If this is common, then perhaps the decision to require Qt 4.4.0
>> for BT 2.0 was unfortunate.  But I'm just a packager...
>> I'm somewhat surprised that people stick with LTS on the desktop.
>> Commonly used packages like OpenOffice have been radically updated since
>> then, for instance.  As have GCC and most other development tools, and
>> KDE, among other things, if your staff are doing development work.
>> Maybe someone really will have to backport Qt 4.4.x to hardy?
>> Jonathan
> The system that I used during much of the BibleTime development used 
> Hardy. I had Qt 4.4.1 on it. I believe I had to enable one of the 
> standard extra repositories to get it. It is certainly available. I 
> recently upgrade that system to Jaunty so I can't investigate it further.
> Also, there was a good reason we went to Qt 4.4. This is the first 
> version of Qt to have QtWebKit. This allowed us to eliminate KDE 
> libraries that had been in use.
> .
> Gary
Here is a link that shows 4.4.0 in hardy universe repository.

I believe I got 4.4.1 when I tried out some pre-release kde4 applications.


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