[bt-devel] Proposed Dev schedule

Thomas Abthorpe thomas at stthomasanglican.org
Tue Dec 15 07:20:40 MST 2009

There has been recent chatter about extending our development cycle
from 6 to 8 weeks. So working on the premise of a release this week,
this is what an 8 week schedule would give us.

Feb 10 2.6 beta1
Feb 17 2.6 rc1
Feb 24 2.6

This gives us an opportunity to make this our EE, as Lent commences
February 17 and Easter Sunday being April 4.

An 8 week schedule beyond that gives us

April 21 beta1
April 28 rc1
May 5 release

(version deliberately left off, as there could be a .0 in our future)

We said we would re-assess our release schedule after 2 8-week cycles.

Your brother in Christ


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