[bt-devel] Windows Development Release Updated to BT 2.5 svn 1995

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Fri Dec 4 09:25:48 MST 2009


I've done a fresh install on another computer, using svn 1995.  It works
fine.  I will try to trouble shoot my laptop and see what the issue is.

On a related matter, I tried to install the ABN module on the other
computer, but since no other Crosswire software was installed on it, it did
not have the standard "The Sword Project" folder to install the module.  I
searched but could not find some of the Bibles that I downloaded (inc ESV).
Can you tell me the path that these would normally be found at?

John Duffy

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> On Fri, 4 Dec 2009 johnduffy at cgcf.net wrote:
> > After uninstalling, and then downloading and installing svn 
> 1995, I still
> > have the problem of not being able to navigate away from Rev 1:1.
> >
> > John Duffy
> Have you actually checked that all remaining files have been removed?
> It's not necessarily enough to use the Uninstall feature, if 
> some older
> problematic versions have left traces. There may be 
> .bibletime directory
> under your Application data, for example. Also All Users and Default
> profiles should be checked.
> It's also possible that the SWORD installation has something 
> wrong or BT
> can't handle it, especially if you have more CrossWire software
> installed.
> Can you start BibleTime from the command line (Command Prompt)? Go to
> the Program Files\BibleTime\bin and start with "bibletime.exe 
> --debug".
> Try to change the key and quit BibleTime. The debug output 
> goes to your
> home directory in file "BibleTime Debug.txt". Unfortunately 
> it's not in
> the My Documents folder, so you have to go through "c:\Documents and
> Settings". Send the file here.
>   Yours,
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