[bt-devel] good news for code strictness

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Sun Apr 6 10:41:06 MST 2008


all compiler warnings are fixed now. There were several places where there 
were indeed problems in the code. Especially inheritance / virtual functions 
are something where the stricter checking by the compiler will be very 

For Debug and Debug_Binonly builds, "-Wall -Werror" are enabled now. This 
means that code is not allowed to produce any compiler warnings. For 
developers this may be nasty at times, but I'm convinced this will prove very 
helpful in future (find bugs before they find you).

Regards, mg

Am Samstag, 5. April 2008 schrieb Martin Gruner:
> Dear developer(s),  ;)
> in order to improve the quality BibleTime's codebase, I added the compiler
> flags "--pedantic-errors" (enforce strict C++ standard) and "-Wall -Wabi",
> which will produce many and detailed error messages. The warnings are not
> enforced (-Werror would do this by failing to compile if there are
> warnings), but all developers are encouraged to work towards reduction of
> the warning messages. Maybe one day we can also enable "-Werror" one day,
> which would give us the benefits of much stricter code checking by gcc than
> we have now. Warnings should not be considered nasty disturbance, but
> indications that there might be weak design or other potential problems in
> the code. Newly produced code should not produce new warnings.
> Thanks.
> mg
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