[bt-devel] Misc comments

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Sat Apr 5 09:13:45 MST 2008

Hi Eeli,

> Thanks, Martin for the work with the build system. I didn't find out
> how to use the "binonly" installation.

You can run "cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug_Binonly .." in build/. Then all 
subsequent "make install" calls will only install the binary. I hope this 
makes development easier for you and others.

> Getting the HOWTO licence issue solved was also a good thing, though I
> still don't like the idea of bundling that kind of
> non-software-related doc with the app - it could be made into a sword
> module and let people use it with any frontend if they want.

That would be possible. However, I do like the idea of 
high-quality "additional educational content" that comes along with 
BibleTime, and see it as part of our software. Nobody has to use it, after 
all, but it is a good thing to make it available in a prominent place. Also 
our docbook-based system allows for easy translation of the howto into as 
many languages as translaters want to help with, plus we can also make it 
available on our website. And we are getting many hits on the howto there, 
which proves that people are interested in it. That's why I hope to have it 
expanded in future.
The howto is also "software-related" in the sense that it is a non-technical 
handbook for / introduction to Bible study, which BibleTime wants to aid 

> Qt WebKit has a method for setting the html with a text string. It
> still lacks access to the DOM tree. This is a comment from Trolltech
> labs forum: "the API in 4.4.0 isn't complete as you have already
> discovered. In 4.5 we are planning to add the ability to access the
> dom along with other features. We didn't want to rush out a bad api
> for 4.4". This means we can get rid of the KDE dependency only later,
> but it will probably be quite easy.

Thanks for the information. It is good that Trolltech wants to take time for 
careful design, but bad that we have to wait. ;) We should strive to remove 
the rest of the KDE stuff, however, so that only KHTML is remaining as long 
as needed.

> The devel.bibletime.info address does not work though
> www.bibletime.info does. Will this be fixed soon?

Yes, as soon as Joachim returns from his vacation. The DNS entry was probably 
lost by the move to the new server.

Best regards,


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