[bt-devel] OSIS etc. filters

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Sun Jul 29 06:00:07 MST 2007

Martin wrote an idea: "Rewrite all filters, the code is rotten; increase
OSIS support".

Have you thought about what Troy wrote some time ago about the filters?
I paste it here from sword-devel (Sun Feb 4 01:38:34 MST 2007):


"Now, having said all this, many of the main frontend writers have also
taken the responsibility to update the conversion filters (The
Gnomesword guys graciously keep the HTMLHREF filter set updated, which
Gnomesword, PocketPC SwordReader, QPSword, and SWORDWeb (The Bible Tool)
all use directly or indirectly.  I believe the Bibletime guys write
their own filters and the MacSword guys copied the Bibletime guys and
wrote their own filters, as well.  It would be REALLY nice if we could
just agree on a common HTML with HREF output and have the Bibletime and
MacSword guys collaborate together with us on the the common filter set.
  We've tried to make some progress on this by make the HREF portion
conform to standard URL specification and Joachim from Bibletime helped
add this support.  I am hopeful we can share in a common filter set
soon, but it really doesn't depend on me, but rather on the two projects
which currently do not share in common efforts to be willing to try the
HTMLHREF filter set and let us know what we are lacking in functionality
that they still need from us to switch.  I can't imaging how hard it
must be to keep up with all the new tags and nuances of new modules.  It
has to be attractive for them to benefit when one of the other projects
does the work to support a new tag in a module.  I'm excited to see
Terry Biggs commit! :)  It means 3 other projects I work on should
better support things! :)  Not to mention _it'll make ya feel good_ to
help when you actually add new support for other :)  It can be
challenging sometimes and Terry does a good job at this-- knowing that
changes he makes might cause a malady effect in others using the same
filters.  I can't think of the last time his courteous attention has
caused anything but a benefit for me."


Any thoughts? Could we use a common filter? Do we have any extra
features which need own filters?

I had an idea of some kind of "interlinear Bible" for BT2:
It would be nice to see it in BT1.x as well, but it would need a special
filter, I think.

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