[bt-devel] Re: Makefile System

Martin Gruner bt-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 9 Dec 2001 16:52:29 +0100

> How about a make option of --no-html so that rpm's can be made after
> html files are removed.

I guess that is how things will work anyway. Html files are included in the 
package (due to EXTRA_DIST), but not in the rpm. Rpm "simulates" a make 
install, but to a different folder; and therefore the html files are not 

> Also for the pictures to display in the kde help center, the pictures
> need to be copied to the folder containing the xml.docbook files during
> the make or make install.  Make install could actually flatten the
> directory structure somewhat.

Yes. That's how I solved it.
Please take a look at the new Makefile.am system. It should work as desired. 
It will copy all *.png and *.docbook files to the KDE doc dirs. If one of 
these files exists in the en directory, but not in another language's 
directory, a symlink will be created.

Fred, please take a look at the gen_am.dat file. It gives you control over 
the Makefile.am creation process. Every time you add a *.png, *.html or 
*.docbook file you should run the gen_am.sh script to update the Makefile 
system to the new situation.

Please test and give your feedback.