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About: Turkish Easy-to-Read Translation (HADI)

Yeni Yaşam Yayınları, Serasker Caddesi, Sakız Sokak, Aytaç 2 Han, No:36/1.Kat. Kadıköy/İstanbul - Türkiye
Tel:+216 414 16 15, Fax:+216 348 05 26

HADİ - Halk Dilinde İncil (Turkish Easy-to-Read Translation). Copyright of this text is owned by BLI and WBTC. Exclusive rights for distribution in Turkey belong to Yeni Yaşam Yayınları.
Upto 400 verses of this bible text may be used in any format without requesting permission, however these 400 verses may not comprise the whole work.