Bible Study Software

We have an abundance of applications, available to support you in your Bible studies on many different platforms. Several of these applications are cross platform. All applications in this section use the same module library and most store their library in the same place on your computer. All are based on The SWORD Project. You can therefore try several and see which one you end up liking best:

Look at the whole range of applications or choose the icon for your platform:

Linux software Windows software MacOS software Handhelds and Mobile Phones Web based software
Linux Windows MacOS Mobile Web-based

Web-based Softare


SWORDWeb Screenshot Do you want to have a fully functional and powerful Bible study tool right on your church's or organisation's website? SWORDWeb is a ready to install web application, easily adapted to your organisation's needs.
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Also, be sure to try SWORDWeb Online
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Virtual Manuscript Room Collaborative Research Environment (VMR CRE)

SWORDWeb Screenshot The VMR CRE: tools to facilitate your team as they collaboratively research, edit, and publish a digital critical edition
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Also, be sure to visit prominent sites implemented using the VMR CRE software:
New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room
Digital Edition of the Coptic Old Testament


FlashCards FlashCards is a simple tool to help with memorization. The package includes a quizzer and a lesson editor. Keyboard input methods include Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.
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