Scribe's To-dos and Ideas

Bible Translation Project Management

Long term goal

Facilitate a distributed team of Bible translators

Not only a useful tool for translators. Imagine the valuable information captured for future projects and other language projects. Like Metzger's Notes for an entire translation project, including team member activity and change history. Who sided which way and why decisions were made.

Papyri/Inscription/Other MSS Community Database

Like Duke Database of Papyri (great starting point if they would grant permission to import their text), but establish trusted Universities/Organizations who are enabled with online tools to contribute to the community database of information so it continues to grow and encourages collaboration. Images, Document Details (location found, current residence, estimated date of authorship, etc.). Fully searchable with advanced filtering options and linguist-specialized search functions. Ability to lemma/morph tag the text and provide translations into other languages.

SCE (SWORD Community Editor): Interlinear Tagging

Ability to harness two texts and contribute interlinear data between the two. We have distributed, community tools we developed which did this for our KJV2003 project. Move KJV2003 tools into a web interface and make the tools reusable for new projects.

SCE (SWORD Community Editor): Footnoting

Ability to add footnotes to a Bible to facilitate community projects like Bible study groups annotating passages while learning together, or a professor who wishes to annotate a text and provide reading assignments to his students where they can read the text and see their profs annotations as they read.

SCE (SWORD Community Editor): module upload support

United Bible Societies has asked us to make an upload facility for their translators so they might upload Bibles in OSIS format to swordweb for peer review on the web. This also has been a great need to facilitate user contributed modules and maintenance.

Expert Data Capture (SCE)

Once we wrap our arms around the pool of ~1st century literature, we can provide facility for the capture of expert data about such (like semantic domain attributes, etc), laying the foundation for future generations of Biblical scholars and systematic preservation of invaluable expert data, which currently seems to live and be repeated in countless volumes on the shelves of libraries around the world.. I'm very excited to serve in providing the tools to facilitate the capture and future community contribution to this data. I'm also extremely excited to use the data and tools myself to answer tough questions and discover new insights in our Lord's Words!

SWORDweb running on windows

Wycliffe/SIL has asked for support for swordweb running on windows. This should work, but someone needs to test

Wycliffe is also interested in a distributed installer, or cohesive distributed library access. InstallMgr?

SWORDWeb Footnotes Support

Ability to hide/show footnotes. When shown, a clickable marker where the footnote is annotating. Popup support for showing footnote. added most of this to the engine. Still need styles for clickable spot and fetchdata.jsp to support it


ESV needs support in SWORDWeb for footnotes so we can show Crossway how the footnotes look before releasing the module (plus we need footnotes support in swordweb)


Finish the lexicon for the NASB so we can finally release this module!

BibleCS Window Installer

Lynn Alan has submitted code that should be useful for a new installer.

clucene update to newest clucene api and turn on UTF8 support

glasseyes has this ready for delivery?

Ben Chaim-Ginsburg text module.

Tigran Aivazian <>

Tischendorf text module.

From Ulrik Petersen <>

Alternative Versifications

Impl notes:

Start with VerseKey which gets book/chapter/verse data from static table. Extend a new class VerseKeyTree : public VerseKey, which instead reads data from the first 3 levels of a genbook tree.

I started this. Daniel asked to complete it. We've both gotten busy with other things. I don't think it should be a terribly huge task if someone is willing to leave all the rest of VerseKey alone. I think we both wanted to rewrite a bunch of VerseKey parsing and such while we were in there and got bogged down. If someone simply changed the loading of the static array, to instead load from a treekey, it might work fairly quickly.

I hate to introduce someone to the ugly internals of versekey, but most of it should be ignored with discipline.