The SWORD Project - API documentation


This is the API documentation for The SWORD Project. It describes the structure of the SWORD library and documents the functions of the classes. From time to time this documentation gives programming examples, too.

SWORD provides a simple to use engine for working with many types of texts including Bibles, commentaries, lexicons, glossaries, daily devotionals, and others.

Some main classes:

SWMgr gives access to an installed library of modules (books). SWModule represents an individual module SWKey represents a location into a module (e.g. "John 3:16")

An API Primer can be found at:

If you're interested in working on a client which uses SWORD, please first have a look at some of the existing ones. They can always use help, and will also prove to be good examples if you decide to start a new project.

Well known frontends are:
-BibleTime (
-BPBible (
-MacSword (
-Xiphos (
-SWORD for Windows (

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