VerseMgr Member List

This is the complete list of members for VerseMgr, including all inherited members.
__staticsystemVerseMgr classVerseMgr [friend]
flush()SWCacher [virtual]
getSystemVerseMgr()VerseMgr [static]
getVersificationSystem(const char *name) const VerseMgr
getVersificationSystems() const VerseMgr
init()VerseMgr [private]
lastAccess()SWCacher [virtual]
pVerseMgr [private]
registerVersificationSystem(const char *name, const sbook *ot, const sbook *nt, int *chMax)VerseMgr
registerVersificationSystem(const char *name, const TreeKey *)VerseMgr
resourceConsumption()SWCacher [virtual]
setSystemVerseMgr(VerseMgr *newVerseMgr)VerseMgr [static]
systemVerseMgrVerseMgr [protected, static]
VerseMgr()VerseMgr [inline]
~SWCacher()SWCacher [virtual]

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