include/canon.h File Reference

#include <canon_abbrevs.h>
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struct sbook ntbooks []
SWORD_NAMESPACE_START struct sbook otbooks []
int vm []

Variable Documentation

struct sbook ntbooks[]
Initial value:
  {"Matthew", "Matt", "Matt", 28},
  {"Mark", "Mark", "Mark", 16},
  {"Luke", "Luke", "Luke", 24},
  {"John", "John", "John", 21},
  {"Acts", "Acts", "Acts", 28},
  {"Romans", "Rom", "Rom", 16},
  {"I Corinthians", "1Cor", "1Cor", 16},
  {"II Corinthians", "2Cor", "2Cor", 13},
  {"Galatians", "Gal", "Gal", 6},
  {"Ephesians", "Eph", "Eph", 6},
  {"Philippians", "Phil", "Phil", 4},
  {"Colossians", "Col", "Col", 4},
  {"I Thessalonians", "1Thess", "1Thess", 5},
  {"II Thessalonians", "2Thess", "2Thess", 3},
  {"I Timothy", "1Tim", "1Tim", 6},
  {"II Timothy", "2Tim", "2Tim", 4},
  {"Titus", "Titus", "Titus", 3},
  {"Philemon", "Phlm", "Phlm", 1},
  {"Hebrews", "Heb", "Heb", 13},
  {"James", "Jas", "Jas", 5},
  {"I Peter", "1Pet", "1Pet", 5},
  {"II Peter", "2Pet", "2Pet", 3},
  {"I John", "1John", "1John", 5},
  {"II John", "2John", "2John", 1},
  {"III John", "3John", "3John", 1},
  {"Jude", "Jude", "Jude", 1},
  {"Revelation of John", "Rev", "Rev", 22},
  {"", "", "", 0}

Definition at line 76 of file canon.h.

SWORD_NAMESPACE_START struct sbook otbooks[]

Definition at line 34 of file canon.h.

int vm[]

Definition at line 111 of file canon.h.

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