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Resolved issues

Currently the chapter titles are Chapter N, except in the Psalms in which it is PSAUME N.
I suggest to replace PSAUME N by Psaume N.
Two dots (instead of a single dot) are present in the last note of the headers of Ps.34, Ps.60, Ps.111, Ps.112.
The problem seems to occur when there are more than one note in a Psalm header.
Sometimes it captures other characters (mostly dots) in the note
See for example Matt.2.6, Matt.2.15, Matt.2.18, Matt.4.10 (about 31 notes concerned) includes the dot of the sentence, as others don't (like Matt.1.23, Matt.3.3)
The regular expression s/([0-9]\])(&#160;|\.)<\/i>/\1<\/i>\2/g can solve the problem.
See for example John.21.5 (twice, after ":" and after "?"), John.18.22, John.18.28, Exod.6.2 (before the parenthesis) etc.
It appears if a line ends with <i...> or <span...>, tidy doesn't add a space when indenting (although there is a newline)!
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