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I would appreciate parallel windows, were the user can choose to either have two Bibles or Bible/Commentary or Bible/Notes.

It would be good if those windows would be adjustable in size. Which ever you choose to move, the other shall follow to show the same verses.

Comment by Nic Carter [ 30/Dec/09 ]

I need to change some of the underlying code in order to get this to work. So I'll start to look into that after the v1.1 release

Comment by Christoffer Björkskog [ 05/Jan/10 ]

i guess parts of http://www.crosswire.org/bugs/browse/PS-5 ( reading one translation and jumping to another on that supports strong's numbers) would be supported by this this feature...

i would suggest swiping left and right would give you the different translations/books that are scrolled to the same place as the visible one.

i know the swiping left and right are in 1.1 (http://www.crosswire.org/bugs/browse/PS-4) meant to change chapters, that is good too.
however, that could also be done as ticket PS-4 suggests, or, initially with
a) the buttons that are there now
b) detecting when you have scrolled entirey to the top or entirely to the botton (when the rubber-banding effect starts) you would jump to either the end of the previous chapter or the beginning of the next chapter (depending on if you are at the top or bottom when this happens)

Comment by Christoffer Björkskog [ 05/Jan/10 ]

Hmm, if it would change with the rubber-banding method, it might need to detect two occurrences of the rubber banding, since the first time you may just have reached the bottom and wish to read until the end, but if you would "scroll" down an additional time past the boundary it could take you to the next page

Comment by Hans P Lindblad [ 06/Jan/10 ]

I don't exactly understand what Christoffer mean with "rubber-banding", but I'm very influenced by reading by my Bible first on Palm (first Bible Reader by Asaisoft and then PalmBible?+) and now on iPhone with Olivetree for many years. I also made the first Svenska Folkbibeln (swedish) for Palm 2003.

I like to read two versions of the Bible parallel, I also want to have the possibility to use the parallel window for Commentaries (mine or others).

It would be great to have the possibility to have KJV with Strongs numbers (or any other Bible with Strong numbers) in the parallel windows, so you can choose any Strong hyperlink number and then have the translation/commentary (it's possible within MacSword)! I've seen that the SDK have a possibility to have Pop Up windows.

It would be good if the parallel windows could be read in both Portrait or Landscape and could be locked in that position, but that should maybe be another topic? See pictures!

Comment by Hans P Lindblad [ 06/Jan/10 ]

Pictures of Portrait and Landscape in Olivetree and locking of rotation of screen.

Comment by Christoffer Björkskog [ 06/Jan/10 ]

Some mindstorming in photoshop...

Comment by Christoffer Björkskog [ 06/Jan/10 ]

How is it with readability in olivetree when you have the iPhone in portrait view and have two versions open?
is it too small or is it ok?

i added some thoughts as http://www.crosswire.org/bugs/secure/attachment/10533/paralell.jpg
what i would feel would be good for me and when studying the bible.

(the "second" version has strongs numbers, and when you press a word you get the explanation opened..)

Comment by Hans P Lindblad [ 06/Jan/10 ]

As you see on the pictures above from Olivetree the parallel view in Portrait is under each other, and that's bad. On my old Palm you could only use it in Portrait, but the two parallel windows are beside each other.

I think myself that Bible Readers with parallel windows shall ALWAYS be besides each other, both in Portrait and in Landscape!

But I prefer reading the Bible parallel in Landscape, and want the possibility to lock it in Landscape even if I lay on my pillow and read it on the side, so it won't use the iPhone automatic rotation.

I also like a lot that the sizes between the windows are adjustable, I prefer to have the window I'm actually reading a little bit larger then the other.

Re mindstorming in Photoshop: Something like that will be excellent!

Comment by J lo [ 23/Apr/12 ]

I would really love to have parallel panes that sync like Tecarta or olive tree's last version. I currently use the olive tree hcsb study bible with study notes in one adjustable pane and the text in the other. Also- you have the first bible I have seen with Chinese pinyin. I would love to have pinyin in one and characters in the other. Better yet- an option for 3 panes on iPad and have english, pinyin, and characters in three panes- Wow- that would rock!

What do you think Nic Carter?

Comment by Martin Denham [ 21/Mar/13 ]

I don't know it it helps but I just added this in the last release of And Bible. Users were really keen on this feature.

There is a demo video here: http://tinyurl.com/SplitDemo

The code is all Java so won't be any use but the video might give some thoughts regarding design.

Comment by Kris Zyp [ 19/Jan/15 ]

I just wanted to add another vote for the value for this feature. This feature is particularly helpful for users with minority languages among another majority language, where they may be assisted by seeing both minority/majority languages. Are there any plans to work on this?

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