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Incompatible indexes between OSMHB, LXX, Byz, TR, WHNU, KJV, NASB


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      The words are not indexed consistently, therefore clicking on an indexed word does not always result in the same word in other texts or translations being highlighted.

      For the New Testament, go to
      Click on "λογος" in Byz. Its index is "3056".
      Click on "the Word" in KJV. Its index is "3588|3056".
      Click on "not" and "any thing" in KJV. Their indices are "3761" and "1520".
      Click on "from Him nothing" in NASB. Its index is "3761|1520".
      (which incidentally is completely wrong... "χωρις""αυτου" is "apart from""him" and "ουδε""εν" is "not even""one")

      Therefore, I think every noun in each translation should be given their actual indices whether or not they have the article, and the articles should be given their indices. This would make a comparison between the texts and translations easier and more logical. NASB definitely needs some corrections to the indices.

      For the Old Testament, go to http://www.crosswire.org/study/parallelstudy.jsp?del=all&add=OSMHB&add=KJV&add=NASB&key=Gen+1
      Click on the first word "בְּרֵאשִׁית" in OSMHB. Its index is "7225".
      Click on "in the beginning" in KJV. Its index is "07225".
      Click on "created" in KJV. Its index is "0853|01254".
      Click on "created" in NASB. Its index is "1254!a".
      Click on the last word "הָאָֽרֶץ" in OSMHB. Its index is "0776".
      Click on "earth" in NASB. Its index is "776".
      As a result, the same word is not highlighted across the different texts and translations simultaneously.

      I suggest that the indexing be standardized like the Strongs Numbers for Greek with no leading zeros. Also, it is best to give each word in the KJV the index corresponding to the main word, otherwise a search for "01254" or "0853|01254" even in the KJV will not return a useful results list. As for the NASB, is the "!a" an indication of errors in the NASB indices?


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