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      Tested on Zaurus 5500 and 5600 with both old and new Sharp ROM's, and the tkcROM


      When switching between translations and or commentaries the Chapter and Verse do not stay synchronized (unlike the desktop version of Sword where you can switch between translations and always be pointed to the same verse). Changing from one translation to another causes the Chapter and Verse to be reset to 1:1. Once you change the chapter verse back to where you were the two translations will stay synchronized until you change to a different book. If this lack of linkage is a 'feature' then I should be able to read from one book/chapter/verse in one translation and a different book/chapter/verse in another translation and be able to switch back and forth without the pointers getting changed, but qpsword doesn't do that. The books are always synchronized, the chapters will be synchronized as long as you are in the same book, and the verse will be synchronized if you stay in the same book and chapter. I would like to be able to switch back and forth between translations/commentaries and have the book/chapter/verse always be synchronized between them.


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