There are two problematic scripture references in the TSK found w/in JSword that seem to be text errors:

      • TSK:Genesis 16:13: scripRef has no passage attribute, unable to guess: (7,9,10; 22:14; 28:17:19; 32:30; Jud 6:24) due to Too many parts to the Verse. (Parts are separated by any of 28:17:19, 28, 17, 19)
        In this case the reference 28:17:19 is not properly encoded.
      • TSK:Genesis 49:8: scripRef has no passage attribute, unable to guess: (Ps 18:40-43; 78:68-71; Isa 9:7; Phm 2:10,11; Heb 7:14; 10:13) due to Chapter should be between 0 and 1 for Philemon (given 2).
        In this case Phm is taken as Philemon. I'm thinking that Phm probably should be a reference to Philippians, but that has no 'm' in it.

      Also, it is not clear to me what 7,9,10 should mean? Chapter or Verse? JSword is taking it to mean verse within the chapter with the reference. But this could be entirely wrong. I've two other references where this assumption doesn't work as the number is out of range for the chapter.

      I'd love this whole module to be re-encoded to use osisID and osisRef. But that is a separate problem.


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