Component Lead Description
build Build system for JSword.
i18n - Translation Improvements to JSword to facilitate translation/internationalization
o.c.common.activate Components used to reference count whether an object is being used.
o.c.common.compress Components used to compress modules
o.c.common.config A declarative framework for config files.
o.c.common.crypt Components used to encrypt/decrypt books. Currently the Sapphire II encryption algorithm.
o.c.common.diff Components use to create text diffs.
o.c.common.history Components used to manage history navigation Components for the internationalization of JSword.
o.c.common.options A framework for command line options. Currently a work in progress.
o.c.common.progress A framework for job management and the notification of progress toward a job's goal.
o.c.common.util Miscellaneous utilities that do not deal directly with books.
o.c.common.xml Simplification framework for handling xml. Components related to the basic definition of a book. A transformer of GBF into OSIS. A filter for transforming fragments, possibly incomplete, of OSIS into well-formed OSIS. A filter to convert plaintext into OSIS. A filter to convert ThML into OSIS. Components used to manage the installation of books Components related to JSword's built in reading plan Components for Biblical study, such as Strong's Numbers Implementation of Book for SWORD modules.
o.c.jsword.index Components used in creating search indexes
o.c.jsword.passage Components related to a keyed entry or collection of keyed entries in any kind of book.
o.c.jsword.util Miscellaneous utilities related to the use and management of books.
o.c.jsword.versification Management of Biblical verses. It is here that alternate versification (av11n) will occur.