[sword-devel] C# users?

Thomas Dilts thomas at cross-connect.se
Wed Jan 22 09:21:25 MST 2014


I am the developer of CrossConnect which  reads bibles from the 
crosswire database and CrossConnect is written in C#.

C# has many different environments to work in and many are very very 
restrictive sandbox environments så I have been forced to write 
everything from the ground up.

CrossConnect works as a WindowsPhone7, WindowsPhone8, and Windows RT/8 
application.  If you have a computer with windows 8 you can download 
CrossConnect free and try it out. The same for the phones.

CrossConnect is many years old now with what I estimate as about 40 
thousand users. Could be much more or much less.

CrossConnect does Bibles, Commentaries, BibleNotes, Books.  It doesn't 
do dictionaries. It also does encrypted/coded bibles as well.

In a few weeks it will be released with Versification.  I have 
Versification working now but it is really buggy.

So I would say it is mature...

The code is at:



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Hi Thomas,

How are you getting on?  Hopefully the Bible app is still going well. 
  Did you say you coded it in C#?

I forwarded the below to you, from sword-devel, in case you wished to 



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There was some discussion about C# in the past. I was about to embark on 
some leveraging of C# in order to take a look at a native Windows 8 
application. I was wondering what had become of any C# efforts in the 
past and whether others found any sort of work with it reasonable or if 
it had reached some level of maturity.


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