[sword-devel] JavaScript & SWORD modules

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Sat Jan 25 06:10:03 MST 2014

Hi Greg,

> If you can get the raw Sword plugins running natively on your system,
> that's obviously the way to go. I wanted to demonstrate, though, that it
> is possible to use this data offline and automate the process of
> acquiring it. To that end, I wrote a simple demo set of jQuery
> interactions. You can now access them from
> http://thehellings.com:10001/demo. There you can programmatically list
> out all the installed modules on the server, fetch a list of their
> top-level entries, and import them locally. Once they are imported you
> can access them with another very simplistic UI. That UI only really
> works for Bibles, since that's the most interesting data type, but in a
> real application the UI would be responsive to the type of module being
> used.

thank you for the demo. I have one more question:

How will you handle the different filter options? Do you want import 
everything new when the user changes a filter? Or will you support only 
one filter set?


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