[sword-devel] Windows Builds

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 18:18:07 MST 2014

A few things are striking me as odd about the Windows build of the
utilities when compiling with Visual Studio Express 2013

1) Several utilities simply fail to run. Namely add* all bring up Windows
crash/error boxes immediately upon run with no output. Is this typical?

2) installmgr isn't working properly. Once it attempts to connect out over
the network, it just spits out a continuous stream of dashes that would
typically indicate progress. Is this a breakage in newer curls? I have
built the latest, which is 7.34.0. The latest that I have on Fedora is

3) By default the libsword target links against the debug version of curl
but the release version of ICU. Is this intentional? Both have built fine
for me from the looks of it, out of the icu-sword directory.

4) Is icu-sword still necessary? I don't know what it was trying to
overcome in ICU's at the time it was created, but it's a bit behind the ICU
52.1 that is current now (icu-sword seems to be reporting as 4.6). I doubt
there's much that is wrong in 4.6, just less complete than 52. I've
successfully built against 5.2 without any seeming difficulty.

Any guidance? Thanks.

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