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Matej Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Sat Jan 11 10:49:34 MST 2014

While looking for something else I found out to my surprise that 
we have no Slovak Bibles available. I have found on 
this paragraph:

     Slovak translations. A member of the Go Bible Forum has 
     recently posted that he has permissions for the Slovak 
     Catholic translation from Spolok svätého Vojtecha (SSV_), 
     Trnava, Slovakia. See_ . Login first for the direct link to 
     work. This translation includes deuterocanonical books.  
     Await first SWORD release that will support Alternate 

     .. _SSV:
     .. _See:

I have found (I guess) this text on 
http://www.kristus.bibletop.sk/sword.zip and in its file 
mods.d/svkps.conf I have found similarly sounding paragraph in 
Slovak (I am Czech, and every Czech has pretty good working 
knowledge of Slovak and vice versa ... languages are very 

As far as I know Alternate Versification is now available for 
some time already (including very useful support in And Bible). 

What stops us from having good Slovak text? Does anybody have 
source code for the Slovak modul?



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