[sword-devel] meta v11n

Костя Маслюк kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 10:37:16 MST 2014

I would like to add functionality to annotate Bible verses but i can't find
correct tool in libsword. Personal Commentary isn't good for me because it
doesn't cover all entries that user would like to annotate.

I would suggest developing meta v11n that will have layout for all known
canonical and deuterocanonical Bible verses, it would solve my problem and
with combination to av11n mapping support it would be powerful tool.
Another point for this is need for v11n that never expands a verse after
mappings, as long as there always would be fixes and optimizations for this
in mappings system and personal commentary, if we would have such v11n -
mappings become more stable.

But it is only point for the sake of meta v11n in libsword, and if someone
have another good solution for verse annotations i will be glad to hear
about that.

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