[sword-devel] Emscripten (asm.js) was: (Re: Windows Phone (not Windows Mobile))

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Thu Jan 9 04:58:05 MST 2014

> Have you all read about asm.js ?
> asm.js is a simple subset of JavaScript that is very easy to optimize,
> suitable for use as a compiler target from languages like C and C++.
> This article reports on the latest development & its performance compared to
> native code.
> https://hacks.mozilla.org/2013/12/gap-between-asm-js-and-native-performance-gets-even-narrower-with-float32-optimizations/

Last year I've tried to compile libsowrd with Emscripten (the asm.js 
compiler). I had very little success and I gave up and started sword.js. 
I would like to give it second try but you need compile all other libs 
to that sowrd does use like clucene etc. Another problem is that you 
have to add additional files (like the modules) at compile time. Maybe 
that changed in the last months.

sword.js is only supported in Firefox currently because it is the only 
browser that supports blobs in indexeddb. I hope Chrome will add it soon 
(or even IE) or I need to write a FileSystem API wrapper.

I've submitted a beta version to the firefox marketplace for Firefox 
(Desktop and Android) and will post the link soon.

Best Regards,

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